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15th-Dec-2013 05:33 pm - If you've got my number
Cold and Tired
Text me and let me know who you are- as I have lost all my contacts on my phone.
15th-Nov-2013 09:16 am - Pet peeves
Earth Logic

When I say something like "Hey, we decided we're going to feed the cats later in the evening, so don't do it if you get home before us."

And your response is "I know."

And this is literally a decision made without you in the room the night before and there is honestly NO possible way you could know that... My desire to slap you raises by like 9000%.

12th-Sep-2013 07:55 pm - When we aren't on fire....
Good news, bad news time!

Good News: My office was closed today, and tomorrow.
Bad news: It's because Boulder is full of water.

Good news: It hasn't really been raining for the last few hours.
Bad News: It's been raining for 3 days and forecasts say it will probably rain through Sunday.

Good news: we might just be out of a drought.
Bad news: It's because we're flash flooding.
Cold and Tired
I had set up today to be a mix of international TableTop day and a sort of subtle birthday party for myself before I spent the actual day with my wife.
Should have known better. Everyone form outside the house canceled. And now even though we were going to just do it anyway people seem much happier watching tony play.
26th-Mar-2013 08:19 am - A series of thoughts
Earth Logic
Getting married (legally or otherwise) shouldn't have a dramatic impact on your relationship with the person you're with. Legally speaking it does, but in no other way should it.

If you marry someone you enjoy spending a lot of time with and you love them divorce should never really be a concern.

Civil Unions will only ever be "Separate but Equal" to me and from now on I refuse to call them a Civil Union.

Separate but Equal marriage was passed in Colorado. If Nai and I opted to take that route and equal rights to marry as a gay couple was passed here, we would have to separate legally before we could actually have a full marriage license that's the same as any straight couples. We will not be doing that.

If religion and government are supposed to be separate in the United States- they're really failing at doing that.

I live in a hypocritical nation. There are too many politics in my laws and too many opinions in my politics. 
29th-Oct-2012 08:39 am(no subject)
Cold and Tired
I find this interesting because I was raised by someone with aspergers. You can take this here.

Your Aspie score: 122 of 200
Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 95 of 200
You seem to have both Aspie and neurotypical traits

4th-Oct-2012 02:17 pm(no subject)
Cold and Tired
¬_¬ I get the distinct feeling that I'm going to pick up my car from the shop and be absolutely livid at what they have to tell me.

I haven't heard any music out of my back speakers for a while, all the sound is up in front. When people are in the backseat of my car they have to lean forward to hear anything. So I took it in to get looked at and so far they've told me there's nothing wrong with them. How can there be nothing wrong with my speakers if I can't hear SHIT out of them anymore? That's not how it was when I bought the car.

My guess is they're going to tell me I need to turn the bass up. The bass up hurts my ears. That's why I didn't buy a car with a fuckign subwoofer the size of my back seat which was part of an upgraded package. I bought a car with a nice sound system that didn't shaking the 5 cars around me when I listened to No World For Tomorrow at higher than a 5 on my speakers. It's not my MP3 player hooked in because I've been using that since day one and haven't changed a fucking setting on it at all.

On a positive note: My phone service got cut off, leaving me without a phone at the one day I needed one.. My e-mail told me the new phones wouldn't arrive until friday. but! they arrived today.
Great news: I've lost weight.
Sad news: I've lost a cup size.

The problem: I just bought some very nice bras earlier this year and they don't fit.
The hopeful solution: Maybe you or some one you know is interested in purchasing some slightly used bras. So here's what I'm offering:

All D cup. All "Cacique"/Lane Bryant brand.

Padded, push up/boost, plunge, underwire:
Heather Gray (cotton boost), bright orange(cotton boost), Satin red (push-up). All of these very very gently used. No lace.PicturesCollapse )
I paid 40$ each for the first 2: asking 20$ each.
paid 48$ for the satin, only wore it about 7 times- no more than 4 hours each time: asking 28$ for it.

Full coverage slight padded (as in not t-shirt or thin fabric), underwire:
red with lace trim. (this one's a 40D) - only worn 3 times, in fantastic shape. Adjustable straps (not fully removable though). And "back smoothing" design. Paid 48.50: asking 48$ PicturesCollapse )

All of these have been washed in cold cycles for their lives with me (all clear detergent & fabric softener free of perfumes and dyes), and line dried.

All comments on this entry will be screened. Feel free to ask any/as many questions you like.
1st-Sep-2012 03:20 pm - Bad Parenting: A rant.
Angry Eyes
I'm going to bitch. I'm going to rant. I'm going to use some awful words and I'm going to say some horrible things about some irresponsible straight couples. And I am not going to apologize for it.

Before I do, I am going to say this: Unexpected pregnancies happen. And the majority of the time those people stand up and take responsibility. If they give birth they either give up the child or they become great parents. This rant isn't directed at them. I have met these people and I love them. I have the utmost respect for them.

This is directed at the people who find themselves having kids and then whining about how they or their partner have to take care of them when one or the other doesn't feel like it. In short: Too fucking bad.Collapse )

Again- I have a lot of straight friends. Several of them have kids and they're great about taking care of them. And bad days happen for everyone, kids or not. But that doesn't excuse you from taking responsibility.
And I certainly have the right to fucking hate the couples that neglect that responsibility.
28th-Aug-2012 12:52 pm - Domino: The Destitute

Single release from the first of the new double album:
The Afterman: Ascension, available October 9th, 2012.

The Afterman: Descension, will be available in February of 2013.

Actually update from me to follow.
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